Pipes And Joints

pipe-and-jointPipe And joint system, is an ideal material handling system that is wisely designed for all industries material handling need. It is smart, dynamic And flexible.
It can be made into various type of racks, trollys, production cell tables, viewing boards and gravity flow racks. In fact, its usage is limitless; add in your idea today.

1)Simple and Easy Modification.
2)High Safety and very Simple Fitting , No Need of Welding
3)Simple assembly and Easy Productions without Special Skills.
4)Durable Cleanliness due to Coating with ABS Resin.
5)Easy Handling of the Assembled Structure Due to its Light Weight.
6)Continious Improvement Activities are Possible.
7)No need to Equip Special Facilities for Manufacturing

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ABS Coated Pipe, is HSL steel pipe coated with ABS resin. This ABS coating prevents the pipes from rusting and it provides excellent wear and impact resistance.
Technovision ESD Pipe is ABS coated pipe with Electrostatic Discharge capability. Coupled with Nickel fitting, it can be used clean room & ESD sensitive environment.

1)Excellent Durability.
2)Chemical Resistance.
3)Impact Resistance.
4)Available in Various Colour.
5)Light and Strong.


Stainless Steel Pipe is made with high grade austenitic stainless steel, which is non-magnetic and strong corrosion resistance,
Scratches on the surface will NOT lead to corrosion of the steel underneath.

1)Fully Recyclable.
2)Chemical Resistance.
3)Conductive /Electrostatic Discharge.
4)Could be used in Oven /Refrigerator.
5)High Strength and Durability.
6)High Surface Resistance to Scuffing.
6)Corrosion Resistance.
7)Wear Resistance.


Metal Joint are metal components that link popes together. Available in ED Black (bk), Zinc coating (Zn), and Nickel coating (Ni). Metal joints are locked with M-6 bolt and T-nut,
which could be tightened and un-tightened using an Allen key. These features enable the racks to be re-used and re-designed, again and again.

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