Material Handling Hydraulic products

electro-hydraulic-scissor-liftHYDRAULIC PRODUCTS

All Hydraulic products are designed and manufactured in house, TEPL can supply products to meet customers’ specific requirements, even in low volume applications. TEPL have a wide range of standard products and are willing to adapt standard products or design a bespoke product to meet a specific need. All products can be supplied in a range of materials including stainless steel, brass and aluminium and with optional finishes to meet the more demanding requirements of sectors such as oil and gas and nuclear energy.

Multiple Type Hydraulic products Are Available:-

  • Electro Hydraulic Scissor Lift
  • Electro Hydraulic Dock Leveler
  • Mobile Hydraulic Dock Ramp
  • High Raised Hydraulic Scissor Lift
  • Single Mast Type Electro Hydraulic Goods Lift
  • Double Mast Type Electro Hydraulic Goods Lift

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Electro Hydraulic Scissor Lift:-

Widely used for loading and unloading of the material from one shop floor level to another. Can be installed into the civil pit and on the floor as well. The equipment also can be used as goods lift height up to 9-10M.

UDL Capacity varies from 500kgs to 15000kgs. Platform size and lifting height is totally customized. 440VAC powered.


  • 100% customization is possible
  • Flameproof controls are available

Electro Hydraulic Dock Leveler:-


Widely used to bridge the height difference between the vehicle level and the shop floor at dispatch bay.
To be installed in to the civil pit.
Ideal shop floor height from the ground floor for the installation is 1100 mm to 1200 mm.


  • UDL Capacity varies from 6T/9T/10T/12T/15T.
  • Standard Platform size is 2.5M x 2.0M.


  • Platform size can be customized
  • Flameproof controls are available

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